Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Onion February 16 2011

I'm two updates behind! I need to quickly bust these out before I get to a point where I am too far in the hole to dig myself out.

By: Deb Amlen
Difficulty: 3/5
Enjoyability: 5/5
Theme: Road to Hell


Recommended listening: I'm eschewing the too obvious Highway To Hell from AC/DC in favor of Drivin' n Cryin's Straight To Hell. The live version. From the live album that you really ought to listen to if you haven't before.

Okay. Word ladder, from ROAD to HELL. You'll see one letter change in each subsequent clue answer until we get to the end. Check it out.
  • 1A Like the intentions the starred clues are paved with (GOOD)
  • 23A *One way (and the beginning of a word ladder) (ROAD)
  • 32A *Go through volumes (READ)
  • 45A *Noodle or noggin (HEAD)
  • 56A *Grasped (HELD)
  • 71A *Fire down below? (and the end of the word ladder) (HELL)
I just love the symmetry of it. Very first across clue is GOOD, and the very last one is HELL. Beautiful.

What I missed

There are two clues that I confidently, unhesitatingly filled in only to discover later that I answered them completely wrong.

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